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Pencil Orphanage

How do I get my pencils to the Pencil Orphanage?

You can send us the weight and dimensions of your box of pencils, then we will send you a pre-paid shipping label to you. Or, you can include the shipping fee in your donation, and we will send you our address. 

What are the costs of shipping?
The Pencil Orphanage does not have any costs of shipping! We send them with mission trips across the world and locally.

What is a packing party?
A packing party is when a group of Pencil Orphanage collectors and friends get together to package pencils, mostly in an assembly type process. It's tons of fun! 

What are the specifics on packaging pencils?
First, to package pencils, we sort out the too-short pencils, (less than four inches) the ones that are double sided, and the non-pencils. Then, we choose seven of different lengths and eraser sizes and sharpen then. Finally, we put the pencils into a biodegradable envelope and seal it with love and a sticker! Also, we have another type of packaging called a Classroom Kit which is 100 sharpened pencils in a plastic bag, with a ribbon and sticker around it.    

Who decides where the pencils go?
Whoever packages the pencils can decide where they can go. However, some collectors send unprepared or packaged pencils to Pencil Orphanage Headquarters so we can package or send them.

Pencil Orphanage

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